How To Check A Washer Lid Switch

A top loading washer lid switch is designed to interrupt the circuit to the motor when the lid is opened. When power is removed from the motor, the washer spin tub comes to a quick stop because the braking assembly is automatically applied. Technicians carry a jumper connector they make from an old top load washer lid switch. They connect the jumper and if the washer now spins, they know the washer lid switch is defective. You should never operate a washer with a lid switch jumped out (eliminated) from the circuit, because it is very unsafe.

The spin basket is very powerful at full speed and if someone’s hand comes in contact with a spinning washer tub, the odds are very good that they will be seriously injured.

Some top load washer lid switches, like Kenmore lid switch 134101800, use a bimetallic strip to sense the current draw of the motor. A bimetallic strip is used to convert heat into mechanical displacement. As current passes through the bimetallic strip on its way to the motor, it heats up and warps. This warping of the bimetal moves the lever that contacts the lid strike, holding the washer lid down.