Refrigerator Filter - Change - How Often

What do you refrigerator manufacturers recommend.
All refrigerator manufacturers recommend that the filter in their refrigerators be changed at least every six months. More often if the water has an odor or an unpleasant taste. Did you know that the human body is over 70% water? Federal, state and local authorities strive to insure that we get the best water possible, but changing your filter at least every six months will help protect your family from water-borne parasites like Cryptosporidium parvum, Entamoeba histolytica, and Giardia lamblia.

There is no such thing as naturally pure water. In nature, all water contains some impurities. As water flows in streams, sits in lakes, and filters through layers of soil and rock in the ground, it dissolves or absorbs the substances that it touches. Some of these substances are harmless. In fact, some people prefer mineral water precisely because minerals give it an appealing taste. However, at certain levels minerals, just like man-made chemicals, are considered contaminants that can make water unpalatable or even unsafe.

In all but a few isolated exceptions, refrigerator water filters are used to filter the water for both the icemaker and the water dispenser. The water dispenser is usually located on the outside of the freezer door, however on a few models the water dispenser is actually inside the Fresh food section of the refrigerator.

Where is my refrigerator filter located?
Refrigerator water filters can be located inside the fresh foods section, or on the outside of the refrigerator. Obviously the filters cannot be located in the freezer because they would freeze and crack the filter housing. When the filter is located on the outside of the refrigerator, it is usually located in the grill at the base of the refrigerator. On some models the filter is removed by rotating it to the left, while others require that a button is depressed to release the filter.

Regardless if the filter is located in the fresh foods section, or the base of the refrigerator, it is not necessary to turn the water supply off to the refrigerator to change the filter. All refrigerator manufacturers have built-in mechanisms so that when the filter is removed from the refrigerator, the water will automatically turn off at the filter. It is normal for a little bit of water to spill when a filter is being removed.