LG TROMM | Lg Steam Washer Review

Searching online for reviews on the LG TROMM washer or a LG Steam washer with turbowash? This review is of the LG TurboWash front loading washer model number WM8000HVA, sold at Lowes and Home Depot.

Before I moved into the office as a supervisor, I was on the road as an appliance service technician for about 15 years. And since I worked for a company that specialized in front load washers, I cannot tell you how many times people asked me, when are they going to come out with a larger capacity front loading washer.

Early model horizontal access or frontload washers, had small door openings and this gave the appearance of a small capacity. That is not to say that the marketplace would not benefit from a larger capacity washer, but the washers with the small doors had standard size capacity.

Well now LG (Lucky Goldstar), has hit a homerun with the turbowash, mega capacity front loading washer. In fact, the size of this washing machine may be confused with commercial washing machines. The new LG turbo wash washing machine has the largest capacity available on the market today, 5.2 cubic feet. In some cases, you may be able to wash twice as much laundry with this machine. LG claims that you can wash a king size comforter and full set of bedding in a single load.

How Does It Work
1. The first thing you should know about this washing machine is that it has an internal heater that heats the water up, helps maintain the water temperature during wash, and produces steam. That's right steam! There is an option on this washing machine called the "Steam Fresh Care" option, that prior to the wash cycle beginning infuses the laundry with steam to loosen up dirt and help remove stains.

2. Another unique feature of this washer is that it has two pumps with motors attached. One pump is used to drain the washer, and the other pump is used to circulate the water. The circulation pump is connected to two injection ports located in the front of the washing machine that force the water and detergent into the clothing. This is the main feature that helps speed up the wash cycle. After the drain pump drains the dirty water out of the washer, the circulation pump forces rinse water through the clothing reducing the amount of time it takes to eliminate the detergent and soil. LG says that the turbowash technology allows you to wash larger loads 20 minutes faster, with outstanding cleaning performance.

The Washing Machine Controls
The controls on this machine are all electronic and are located in the front, so that a matching dryer can be stacked on top. These controls are extremely user-friendly and offer a wide variety of settings that are different on different models. The controls are a large and very easy to read for those of us who are always searching for a pair of reading glasses.

No washing machine this large would be complete without a matching dryer. So of course LG has beefed up the dryer to accommodate the larger capacity washer. The benefit to this whole system is that most of the time the dryer is done drying clothes about the same time the washer is done with the previous load of laundry. This of course saves a tremendous amount of time. Those of us who do laundry know a lot of the time we are waiting on the dryer to finish before we can put in another load.

If you're going to spend the money on this washing machine, and by the way this is one of the more expensive washing machines on the market, you should consider getting the pedestal that goes underneath the washer and raises it up to a very convenient height. The pedestal is sold separately so you need to take that into consideration.

Watch Out For The Kids
And finally consider the fact that this mega capacity washer may entice children to climb inside. The good news is that the door does not lock without it being completely closed and the controls on the front of the machine being activated. Therefore a child may be able to climb in the washing machine, and in fact may be drawn to it because of its size, the washing machine will not start unless someone turns it on from the outside. This may be another consideration for the pedestal as it will make it more difficult for a child to climb in a washing machine that is higher off the floor.

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