Washer Cabinet Removal

Depending on the model washer you have, you will either find Phillips head screws on the far right and left of the control panel that secure it to the top. On some washers you may have to snap off the decorative end caps on the control panel to gain access to the screws. To remove these end caps, use your finger to grab them at the top and pull slightly forward disengaging them from the control panel. Now you have access to the two screws that hold the control panel to the top. On a few models the control panel is held in place by two screws that come through the back forward into the control panel. Finally on a limited number of models, the control panel is held in place by spring-loaded clips at the right and left hand side of the control panel. Simply use a putty knife or flat screwdriver and push the clips rearward to release the panel. Once you have the control panel loose you can rotate it back and lean it against the wall behind the washer.

The washer lid switch is connected to the wiring harness by a connector that comes up through the washer top. Press the locking tabs on each side to unlock the connector and pull it up. Now locate the two odd looking spring clips on the right and the left side of the washer top that hold the washer top to the washer back. Take a flat head screwdriver at the very front of these clips, and press down and backwards to release the clips. Grab the left and right rear of the top of the cabinet and rotate it up and forward. Rest the cabinet on the floor with the front of the washer cabinet down. Use a piece of carpet or beach towel, to prevent damage to the front of the washer.