How To Install Rod Kit W10189077

Washer Suspension Rod Kit W10189077 is used on Whirlpool Cabrio, Kenmore Oasis, and Maytag Bravos top loading washers. These washer suspension rods will need replaced if one is broken, or the washer constantly vibrates in spin because one of the springs is broken or the rod is damaged. Washing machines need to operate on a secure floor. When a subfloor is weak and the washer vibrates constantly this sometimes damages the washer suspension system. Always replace all 4 rods at the same time, as replacing one rod with a stronger spring will simply cause additional suspension problems.

Before you begin, disconnect the washing machine from the electrical supply. Because we will be lifting the entire top of the washer and leaning it back against the wall, it is very important that you use some kind of heavy-duty tape to secure the washer lid to the top of the washer. This will prevent the lid from falling backwards and damaging itself, or the control panel.

Now, insert a putty knife in the space between the front cabinet and the top and push in on the two clips that hold the top to the cabinet, located about 4 or 5 inches from the left and right hand side. This will release the washer top and allow you to lean it against the back wall. Now that the washer tub is exposed you can reach into the left front corner and lift up the suspension rod releasing the tension from the suspension ball. This will permit you to remove the suspension ball and lower the rod down and remove the suspension ball from the corner cabinet support. Use caution because as soon as you release the tension from this rod, the tub assembly will shift forward and can pinch your arm against the cabinet.

With the rod off the suspension ball reach down below the wash tub to the suspension bracket and squeeze the rod holder locking tabs. Now you can lower the suspension rod and slide it forward to release it from the suspension support. Now simply pull the rod up out of the cabinet. Make sure that you only replace one suspension rod at a time. Next you can clean the support where the suspension ball is held in place of any grease or dirt. After you have done that install the new suspension rod into the rod support slot. Now pull the rod upward until it locks into place. You should hear the locking tabs snap when the suspension rod is properly positioned. Next insert the new suspension ball top bushing into the suspension ball cup on the bracket. Now you can guide the new rod up through the bushing and connect it to the suspension ball. Now all you need to do is repeat the process for the other three suspension rods and reassemble the washer.