How To Clean A Washer Pump

Photo of a washer pump with the cleanout acess open.

In this section we are talking about cleaning the pump on front loading washers. Including the Kenmore HE Series, Whirlpool Duet, KitchenAid and some Maytag washers with the pump located on the base in the front of the washer behind the front access panel on the right. Sometimes buttons, coins, nails and various other items left in the pockets of clothing will find their way to the pump.

Front loading washer pump 280187, is located on the base of the washer, just inside the front access panel. It has a removable cap in the event that the pump needs cleaned out. You will know something is in the pump because it will rattle as the impeller flips it around.

To clean out the pump, unplug the washer after you make sure that the tub is not full of water. If there is water in the tub, it won’t be there for long when you remove the pump clean out cap. Under normal conditions, there will be a good deal of water that comes out when you remove the cap so be prepared with some extra towels. Remove the two screws that hold the front access panel on and remove it. Rotate the clean out cap counterclockwise to gain access to the debris in the pump.

Part number 280187, replaces part numbers 8181684, 285998, 280187, AP3953640, PS1485610, 1200164