How To Clean A Condenser Like A Man

Photo of an attractive woman holding a drill wearing a tool belt

Do you know how to clean a condenser on the refrigerator? Are you even aware that you should be cleaning your refrigerator coils that are underneath your fridge?

Refrigerators today are so well built that we often completely ignore the fact that they need periodic maintenance and cleaning so that they work at peak performance. Cleaning your condenser coils will not only prolong the life of your refrigerator but can actually reduce your electric bill. When a condenser coil is clean it's ability to give off the heat from the refrigerant is much better than if it is insulated with a bunch of dust, dirt, dog and cat hair.

A refrigerator condensing coil is part of the refrigeration sealed system. It is a loop of coils usually located underneath the refrigerator with fins on them to allow the refrigerant that passes through them to give off the heat to the atmosphere. Almost always this process is assisted with a fan located under the refrigerator. Unfortunately the fan sucks in anything on your kitchen floor and blows it on the condenser.

The standard way to clean a refrigerator condenser is to use a very long brush which has a handle on it and long bristles. You can purchase a condenser cleaning coil in most hardware stores and appliance parts stores. But do you really want to do what everybody else does? Why not do it the way Tim Allen would do it on the old TV show Home Improvement, like a man!

I have done it this way for years on countless refrigerators. Now this may sound a little strange but this is the easiest and most effective way to clean not just a refrigerator condenser underneath but to remove all the dust, dirt, dog and cat hair out from under your refrigerator.

The way a real man cleans a refrigerator condenser is by pulling the refrigerator out to gain access to all four sides. Now remove the front grill at the base of the fridge if there is one. Next take an old large sheet or comforter and place it on the floor at the base of the refrigerator. Position the sheet or comforter so that it wraps around the left, back and the right side of the refrigerator on the floor pressed up against the bottom of the fridge. This will act as a stop or shield when you blow the debris out from underneath from the front of the refrigerator. Next use an electric leaf blower, shop vac or other vacuum cleaner that blows air to flush out the condenser of all foreign matter beneath the fridge. The sheet will prevent the dust and dirt from blowing around. When you pick up the sheet or comforter and move the fridge to expose the floor underneath, you will be amazed at the amount of junk that comes from under your fridge. Heck you might find that missing set of keys.

All that's left is to remove the compressor cover on the back of the fridge and vacuum out the leftovers. And don’t forget that a clean refrigerator condenser will help the fridge cool your beer faster! Oh yeah, there’s that save energy thing also.