How To Change A GE Dryer Belt

Instructions for installing or replacing GE dryer belt number WE12M29 used on a large capacity dryers with a control panel on the front and a glass door...

This article is installation instructions for installing or replacing GE dryer belt number WE12M29 used on a large capacity dryer with a control panel on the front and a glass door. This dryer is usually matched with a front loading washer.

Make sure the dryer is disconnected from the electrical supply. To change the belt on this model GE dryer, it is best to use gloves and wear a long sleeve shirt to protect your hands and arms from cuts. To remove the belt, the control panel and dryer front must be removed. Start by removing the three screws securing the control panel trim to the front panel. The forward facing screws are located behind the control panel just above the top. Once removed, slide the trim to the left and set it aside. Looking straight down you will see two screws holding the top to the cabinet. Remove those screws and then lift the top from the front to release it from the notches and tabs at the rear. You will need to slide the top forward to release it from tabs in the cabinet rear corners. Looking down at the control panel, remove the two screws that secure the control panel assembly to the cabinet. The screws are located all the way to the left and the right holding the control panel to the cabinet. Now disconnect the control panel ribbon cable from the power board mounted on a bracket above the drum. Now lift the control panel straight up and off of the cabinet.

Next remove the two screws from the bottom of the dryer front. The two screws are located all the way at the bottom on the left and right side. You may want to tilt the dryer back slightly to see these screws. Next remove the two upper screws that hold the dryer front and door to the cabinet. Next pull the front forward off of the drum and disconnect the dryer door switch. Then set it off to the side. To gain access to the dryer belt you will need to separate the blower housing from the cabinet. To do this remove the screw that holds the blower housing to the left side of the cabinet. Next remove the left side screw of the control board bracket that secures it to the cabinet. This will allow you to spread the cabinet apart slightly allowing just enough room for your hands and arms. This is where the long sleeve shirt and gloves come in handy. Now you can spread the cabinet open slightly. This creates the gap between the tub and cabinet needed to manipulate the dryer belt and idler

Both hands need to be in position and the belt tension will need to be released before the belt can be removed. This is actually a tricky maneuver. You have to position your left hand between the drum and the left-hand side of the cabinet and slide it rearward slightly past the motor to access the dryer blower idler pulley. Now using your left hand push the idler toward the center of the dryer relieving the spring tension. With your right hand slid along the right side of the blower and motor, you can position it to grab the idler and lock it into a predrilled hole in the motor mounting bracket. This keeps the tension off the belt so that it can be replaced. All that is left is to slide the old belt off and the new one over the dryer drum. Then reverse the steps listed above and finish the job. Wow that was easy! Not! It is a tricky tedious task but following the steps above even the do-it-yourselfer can replace a GE dryer belt