Dryer Getting Too Hot

When a dryer is operating normally the drum temperature is controlled by a thermostat or a thermistor. Both the dryer control thermostat and the dryer control thermistor will be in the airflow. When a dryer vent is restricted the air is stopped and the control thermostat / control thermistor can not regulate the temperature. A dryer that is getting too hot will cause the clothes to wrinkle especially permanent press clothes. It is possible that you have a control thermostat or control thermistor problem but most likely there is a vent restriction. If your dryer is getting too hot but is still taking a long time to dry clothes then you probably have a restricted dryer vent. Two classic symptoms of a dryer vent restriction are that the dryer is getting very hot on the top and little or no lint is getting in the filter. If your dryer is running and getting very hot on the top you need to check for a dryer vent restriction.

Signs of a dryer vent restriction are:
Dryer takes too long to dry.
Dryer is hot on top.
Clothes are very hot when you take them out.
Dryer has a lot of moisture / humidity inside when you open the door.
Dryer filter has little or no lint in it.