Most Common Washer Problems

In this section we will talk about the most common washing machine problems. We will make some recommendations for the do-it-yourselfer, so that he or she might save the cost of an appliance service technician. One of the most common complaints we receive at our service company is, my washing machine will not start. When you have a washing machine that will not start the very first thing you should do, is to confirm that the washer has not lost electrical power at the receptacle.

This can be easily done, by putting the washer into the wash cycle, and setting the electronic control, or timer to fill. If water starts to go in the washing machine, you do not need to check the receptacle at the wall for electricity. If water does not start to enter the washer, plug in a lamp to the receptacle where the washer is plugged in. If the lamp bulb does not light up, check your breaker or fuse at the fuse box.

If the washer does start to fill with water, put the control, or timer to the spin position to see if the washer will spin. If the washer does not spin, then you have a problem with the electrical circuit, or mechanism within the washer that allows it to spin.

The next most common problem with the wash machine is that it will not fill with water. If a washing machine will not fill with water, most likely it's because the water has been turned off to the washing machine, the fill valve is defective, or the fill hoses are restricted at the washing machine fill valve.

Next, the problem we hear a lot at our service company is, my washer is vibrating really bad. Washer vibration is a very common problem but is usually not that difficult to correct. Sometimes it's as simple as the installer neglected to remove the shipping bolts or brackets, or it's simply a weak sub-floor.

Another call we get from consumers about their washing machine is, my washer is oversudsing. Oversudsing of a washing machine is usually caused by soft water, or an excessive use of liquid laundry detergent.

And finally, a very common problem with washing machines today, especially front load washers, is a foul odor coming from the washer. If you have a stinky washer, the culprit is most likely an excess of liquid detergent built up behind the scenes. This buildup sticks to the washtub, the detergent dispenser mechanism, and around the door boot.