AP5951444, PS1993870 Ice Maker Kit | IM6

Photo of ice maker kit IM6 AP5951444, PS1993870

AP5951444, PS1993870 Ice Maker Kit, IM6

Ice maker kit IM6, is the same as Kenmore part numbers, 04608346000, and IM4A. It is a complete kit designed for refrigerators that did not come from the factory with an ice maker already installed. It can be installed on most GE, Hotpoint and some Kenmore side-by-side and top-mount refrigerators. It features an electronic control board with an on/off switch to stop ice cube production. This icemaker is also sold a Home Depot and Lowes

This IM6 icemaker also has a water level sensor in cube tray to regulate cube size and an anti-jamming feature that causes jammed cubes to melt away

The kit includes, the Icemaker, Water valve, Fill tube, Wiring harness, Ice container, and Installation instructions

Other part numbers, IM6D, IM6, 363.8335, 3638335, 8335, 8339, 8390, IM3, IM4, IM4A, IM5, IM5SS, RIM300, WR30X10054, AP5951444, Sears part number 8390 icemaker kits