AP5668366, PS6448155 Dishwasher Door Latch | 154702501

Dishwasher Door Latch, 154702501, AP5668366, PS6448155

Dishwasher door latch 154702501, is found on Frigidaire, Tappan, White Westinghouse, Gibson and some GE and Kenmore dishwashers.

Dishwasher door latch x ships with a white handle. The purpose of the door latch is to interrupt the operation of the dishwasher whenever the door is opened. In addition to interrupting the operation when the door opens, this dishwasher door latch assembly will not allow the dishwasher to start if the door is open. Obviously this will prevent water from spilling out of the dishwasher onto the kitchen floor.

If your dishwasher will not start, or is intermittent in operation this door latch may be your problem. You should follow the diagnostic procedure for your particular dishwasher model before you order and replace this door latch.

A00104101, 154537301, 154702501, 154475201, 2691708, PS6448155, AP5668366, ER154825001