AP5178660, PS3494755 Gas Range Spark Module | 9758080

Photo of gas range spark module AP5178660, PS3494755

Spark module 9758080, is found on Kenmore, Whirlpool, KitchenAid and some other brand gas ranges.

This spark module part number AP5178660, PS3494755, operates on 120 Volts AC and converts it to a significantly higher voltage with a low current. It's kind of like it's creating a little lightning strike. The purpose of which is to jump the gap between the igniter and the range surface burner cap creating the spark that ignites the gas. It is located in the back of the control panel and is connected to the wiring harness with a multi pin connector.

If your range will not spark to ignite the gas on the surface units, this ignitor may be the problem. Before condemning this spark ignitor, read and follow all diagnostic procedures for your specific gas range make and model. W10331686, 9758080, 1937904, 8054084, 8273970, 8273972, 8273977, 8522964, 9758080R, AH3494755, EA3494755, AP5178660, PS3494755