AP4392629, PS2352995 Dishwasher Electronic Control | 154712101

Photo of dishwasher electronic control AP4392629, PS2352995

Dishwasher electronic control 154712101, is found on Frigidaire, Kenmore and some other brand dishwashers.

This dishwasher electronic control AP4392629, PS2352995, is located behind the dishwasher control panel. It controls all operations of the dishwasher including when water enters the dishwasher, when the dishwasher starts, and when the dishwasher pumps the water out. This electronic control is connected to the dishwasher wiring harness with a molded multi pin connector.

If your dishwasher will not start, or if your dishwasher will not fill with water, it is possible that this electronic control is defective. Before you condemn this control however, you should read and follow all diagnostic procedures associated with your particular dishwasher make and model.

154712101, 154668901, 154642301, 154568401, 1483317, 154547701, AH2352995, EA2352995, PS2352995, AP4392629