AP4014490, PS2008821 Refrigerator Electronic Control | 12920710

Photo of refrigerator electronic control AP4014490, PS2008821

AP4014490, PS2008821 Refrigerator Electronic Control, 12920710

Refrigerator electronic control 12920710 is found on Maytag, Amana, Admiral, Jenn Air, Magic Chef, and some Sears, Kenmore refrigerators

This high voltage control board AP4014490, PS2008821, controls the operation of the refrigerator when it is cooling and how long the compressor runs. It also controls when the refrigerator defrost cycle and how long the refrigerator will be into defrost.

If your refrigerator is not cooling or if your refrigerator is not frosting, it is possible that this electronic control board could be the problem. Before you condemn this electronic control read and follow the diagnostic troubleshooting procedures for your particular refrigerator model.

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