AP3891780, PS1524621 Washer Motor Control Board | 134743500

Photo of washer motor control AP3891780, PS1524621

Front loading washer motor control board 134743500, is used on Kenmore, Frigidaire and some other brand front loading washers.

This washing machine motor control AP3891780, PS1524621, controls the speed of the motor. In conjunction with the washing machine electronic control, this motor control act says a high current device sending electricity to the motor. When the washer main electronic control reaches the spin position in the cycle, the signal is sent from the main electronic control to this motor controller to send the appropriate voltage to the main washer drive motor.

If your washing machine motor will not turn or if it is intermittent, this electronic motor controller may be defective. Before you replace this motor controller you should follow the electronic troubleshooting procedure set forth by your washing machine manufacturer and model. 134743500, 134591200, 1191307, 134409900, 134409902, 134409903, 134409904, AH1524621, EA1524621, PS1524621, AP3891780