AP3861856, PS989063 Washer Motor Control | 8182706

Photo of washer motor control AP3861856, PS989063

Front loading washer electronic motor control unit 8182706, is used on HE Series Whirlpool Duet, Kenmore, KitchenAid and some Maytag front loading washers.

This washer motor control is located in the left front at the base of the washer. It has a plastic shield on the top so that if any water where the drip down from up above it would be deflected off to the side.

In order to remove this front loading washer motor control AP3861856, PS989063, you will have to remove the front lower panel of the washing machine. After that you will have to remove the strut supporting the washer tub on the left-hand side. This is necessary to disconnect and slide the washer motor control out. Other numbers; EA989063, 1184161, 8181693, 8182679, 8182705, 1184161, AP3861856, PS989063, PT11585568