AP3178609, PS887857 Dishwasher Fill Valve | 8531670

Photo of dishwasher fill valve AP3178609, PS887857

Dishwasher Fill Valve 8531670, AP3178609, PS887857 is found on Kenmore, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag and some other brand dishwashers

This dishwasher valve AP3178609, PS887857, is located in the base of the dishwasher and is connected to the hot water supply of the house. If your dishwasher will not fill with water, it is possible that this valve is defective. You should check to see if the water supply is restricted by turning the water supply off under the sink and disconnecting the waterline at the valve. If it is restricted then you have found the problem. If not, you should consult the diagnostic procedures for your particular model dishwasher.

Replaces, EA887857, 8268590, AP3178610, 961992 , PS887858