AP3109394, PS372261 Adaptive Defrost Control | 4388932

Photo of refrigerator adaptive control AP3109394, PS372261

Defrost control AP3109394, PS372261, 4388932, is used on Kenmore, Whirlpool, and some other brand refrigerators.

Replaces, EA372261, 2154958, 2154985, 2169267, 2169269, 2188159, 2303824, 483187, 4388932, AP3109394, PS372261, 844415.

How does an adaptive defrost control work?
A refrigerator adaptive defrost control is designed to turn on the defrost heater only when necessary. It is an electronic control that monitors the frost build up on the evaporator using thermistors. When the adaptive defrost control senses a frost build up on the evaporator that will restrict airflow, it closes a relay to send power to the defrost heater melting the frost away.