AP3097578, PS345756 Dryer Timer | 3398193

Photo of dryer timer AP3097578, PS345756

Dryer Timer 3398193, AP3097578, PS345756

Dryer timer 3398193, is found on Kenmore, Whirlpool, Roper, KitchenAid, and some other brands gas and electric dryers and laundry centers. and is located on the top panel.

This dryer timer AP3097578, PS345756 , is basically the brains of the dryer. In other words, it controls the motor, the heater and decides how long the dryer will operate on any given cycle. It is connected to the dryer electrical harness with individual wire connectors. On the back of the timer you will notice letters that correspond to the color of the wires to be connected. For example; you will see the letter O, representing orange. You will also see the letters BK, representing the color black. If the wires are not connected properly the timer can be destroyed when power is applied.

Other numbers AP3097578, PS345756, PT9292734, EA345756