AP3094256, PS334316 Dryer Heater | 279843

Photo of dryer heating element AP3094256, PS334316

Dryer heater 279843, is used on Whirlpool, Roper, KitchenAid, Kenmore and some Maytag dryers and laundry centers.

This dryer heater is checked for resistance using an ohmmeter. Today ohmmeters are incorporated in multimeters. The meter sends out a small amount of electricity from its battery and measures how resistant the circuit is to the flow of electrons. The resistance to the flow of electricity is measured in Ohms. The higher the resistance a circuit has the higher its Ohm reading will be. With both heater power terminals disconnected you can check for resistance. The typical dryer heater resistance is around 20 Ohms. If you can not read resistance on the dryer heater then it is an open circuit and needs replaced. Also if your meter indicated an electrical path between either of the heater terminals to the heater frame (ground) then its bad. The heater must be isolated from its mounting frame at all times. 3398062, 3403586, AP3094256, PT9282768, PS334316, 469744, 279843, AP3094256, PS334316, PT9282768, 469744, EA334316