AP2635761, PS303264 Defrost Heater | WR49X391

Photo of refrigerator defrost heater AP2635761, PS303264

Refrigerator Defrost Heater WR49X391, AP2635761, PS303264 found on GE made refrigerators including GE, Hotpoint and some Sears Kenmore refrigerators

This heater kit includes, 2 heater tubes, 2 reflector shields, jumper wire and instructions. The jumper wire in this kit is 9 and 1/4 inches long

EA303264, AP2635761, 2776, PS303264, SWR49X249, SWR51X231, WR49X0391, WR49X207, WR49X234, WR49X243, WR49X249, WR51X183, WR51X188, WR51X202, WR51X231, WR49X0207, WR49X0234, WR49X0243, AP18, WR49X0249, WR51X0183, WR51X0188, WR51X0202, WR51X0231