AP2616850, PS260801 Dishwasher Pump | WD26X10013

Photo of dishwasher pump AP2616850, PS260801

Dishwasher Motor And Pump Assembly WD26X10013, AP2616850, PS260801

This dishwasher motor and pump kit WD26X10013, eliminates the stuck motor issue associated with GE dishwashers build after 1970, equipped with a round shaded pole motor. It is used on Kenmore, GE, Hotpoint and some other brand dishwashers. It includes all the hardware and instructions needed for the changeover to the new stronger permanent split capacitor motor

Replaces, EA260801, WD19X28, WD26X10003, WD26X10004, WD26X10007, WD26X10008, WD26X10009, WD26X10010, WD26X10011, WD26X64, WD26X67, WD26X68, WD26X69, WD26X70, WD26X73, WD26X74, WD26X74R, WD26X77, WD26X77R, WD26X78, WD26X81, WD19X0028, WD26X0064, WD26X0067, WD26X0068, WD26X0069, WD26X0070, WD26X0073, WD26X0074, WD26X0074, WD26X0077, WD26X0078, WD26X0081,