AP2114859, PS428386 Refrigerator Defrost Heater | 218657301

Photo of refrigerator defrost heater AP2114859, PS428386

Defrost heater 218657301, is found on Kenmore, Frigidaire,Tappan, White Westinghouse, Gibson, Kelvinator, and other brand side-by-side refrigerators

Refrigerator defrost heater AP2114859, PS428386, is found on some side-by-side refrigerators. It is used to melt away the frost from the evaporator that has accumulated during the cooling cycle. If your refrigerator is not cooling properly and you have a frost buildup on the evaporator, it is possible that this heater is defective. Keep in mind though that this heater is very well engineered and will normally last the life of the refrigerator. So if you have a frost buildup on your evaporator, it is not likely that this part is the problem, although it is possible.

Replaces, 215751900, 218169801, AP2114859, 451561, PS428386, EA428386