AP2107144, PS418132 Dryer Motor | 131560100

Photo of a dryer motor AP2107144, PS418132

Dryer Motor, 131560100, AP2107144, PS418132

Dryer motor 131560100, is found on some older Kenmore, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Tappan, White Westinghouse gas and electric dryers.

Dryer motor AP2107144, PS418132, is different from other dryer motors. If you look close at the motor shaft on one end you will see a threaded section to accommodate the blower, however on the other and you will see a pulley that accepts a flat belt. This is unusual today because almost all dryers have motors with grooved pulleys for the belt that provide extra grip for heavier loads.

This motor was found primarily on White Westinghouse dryers from a few years ago. Those dryers used a flat belt that went over the dryer drum through an idler onto the flat pulley on the motor shaft. Basically the same way it's done today except the only difference is the pulley is flat instead a grooved.

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