AP2106881, PS417808 Washer Timer | 131437500

Photo of washer timer AP2106881, PS417808

Washer Timer 131437500, AP2106881, PS417808 found on Kenmore, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Tappan, White Westinghouse and some other brand washers and laundry centers.

This clothes washer timer AP2106881, PS417808, is located in the control panel at the top. It is encased in a metal sleeve and is connected to the wash machine electrical harness with a multi pin connector.

Sometimes when a washing machine will not spin or pump the water out, the timer is defective. Before you condemn your washing machine timer, you should follow the diagnostic procedures associated with your particular washer model and verify that the timer is actually defective before you order a replacement. ES417808, 407402, PS417808, PT6320643, AP2106881