AP2106484, PS417366 Washer Motor | 131276200

Photo of washer motor AP2106484, PS417366

Front Loading Washer Motor 131276200, AP2106484, PS417366

Washer motor 131276200, is found on some Kenmore, Frigidaire and other brand front loading washers.

Front loading washer motor AP2106484, PS417366, is the main washer motor. It is used in the wash cycle and in the high-speed spin cycle to rotate the washer drum. To gain access to this washer motor you need to remove the back of the washing machine. Once you remove the back you will find the washer motor located in the lower right-hand section attached to the outer tub assembly.

This motor is not used to pump the water out of the washing machine. A separate motor and pump assembly located in the front right at the base of the machine is used to pump the water out. 131276200, 406940, PS417366, AP2106484, EA417366