AP2106445, PS417325 Washer Pump | 131268401

Photo of washer pump AP2106445, PS417325

Washer Pump 131268401, AP2106445, PS417325

Washer pump 131268401, is found on Kenmore, Frigidaire, Tappan, White Westinghouse, Gibson, Kelvinator, and some other brand washers and laundry centers. This washer drain pump is located behind the front access panel, on the base of the washer, below the outer basket to the right.

Washer drain pump AP2106445, PS417325 is used to pump the water out of the washer or laundry center between cycles and at the end of the cycle. Before you order a replacement pump, check the pump inlet for an obstruction. A small item can get wedged in the impeller and give you the impression the pump is defective. 131268401, 131268400, 131427400, 131630700, 724, EA417325, PS417325, AP2106445