AP2106307, PS417159 Washer Pump | 131208500

Photo of older washer pump AP2106307, PS417159

AP2106307, PS417159 Top Loading Washer Pump, 131208500

Washer pump AP2106307, PS417159, is found on older White Westinghouse brand top loading washers. It is mounted to the top of the motor held in place by two clips.

When replacing this pump be sure to lubricate the motor shaft with grease or vaseline so when you slide the pump on it does not get damaged. If there is any rust or corrosion on the shaft, use emery cloth to remove it. The motor shaft must be clean when installing the pump. Otherwise the pump could leak into the motor if the molded leak diversion trough is not working properly.

The number stamped on the pump is 1312085. 131208500, 3204452, 5303272432, 763, AH417159, EA417159, LP119, PS417159, AP2106307