AP2031084, PS249466 Bake Element | WB44X5082

Photo of an oven bake element AP2031084, PS249466

AP2031084, PS249466 Bake Element, WB44X5082

Bake element WB44X5082, is used on GE, RCA, Hotpoint and some Sears Kenmore ranges and wall ovens. It is 18 inches wide and 15 inches long.

Like akk bake elements this bake element AP2031084, PS249466, uses a resistance wire to generate heat.

Other number for this item, WB44X5082, AH249466, EA249466, PS249466, RP44X5082, TS44X5082, WB44X0192, WB44X10003, WB44X192, WB44X5061, WB44X5072, WB44X5082R, WB44X5085, WR44X5082R, AP2031084