AP2031066, PS249349 Broil Element | WB44X10015

Photo of broil element AP2031066, PS249349

Broil Element WB44X10015, AP2031066, PS249349

Broil Element WB44X10015, is used on GE, RCA, Hotpoint and Sears Kenmore ranges and ovens.

This oven broiler element WB44X10015, AP2031066, uses a resistance wire inside a metal sleeve to produce heat in the oven cavity. This heater is always on during broil but is also sometimes on during bake. If your oven will not broil it is possible that this could be the problem however the first thing you should check is to verify that the connecting wires to the element have not burned off. That's because this is a common problem with broil element WB44X10015. Other number for this item are, EA249349, AP2031066, PT6093198, PS249349, 260869, 10483881, 260869