AP2031012, PS249392 Broil Element | WB44X139

Photo of a broil element

AP2031012, PS249392 Broil Element, WB44X139

Broil element WB44X139, is used on Kenmore, GE, Hotpoint and some other brand freestanding ranges and wall ovens.

You will need a 1/4 socket or nut driver to install the wires on the terminals broil element AP2031012, PS249392. Be careful when you pull the element forward incase the wires are brittle. They my fall behind the oven back wall. If that happens, you will most likely have to pull the oven out and remove the back wall to retrieve them.

WB44X139, 260906, 340635, AH249392, EA249392, PS249392, TS44X139, WB44X0138, WB44X0139, WB44X138