WE11M23 Dryer Heater Assembly | AP2619954, PS265565

Photo of ice dryer heater AP2619954, PS265565

Dryer heater WE11M23, is a heater and pan assembly. Sometimes a dryer heater is called a dryer heating element. This is a more expensive option but certainly easier to do. You can always buy the restring kit but somehow it never seems to last as long as the complete assembly.

This dryer heater assembly comes complete in the box and requires just a few screws to install it.

This heating element is manufactured by GE, General Electric, however you should know that GE has made dryers for many brands including Frigidaire over the years. This is why it's very important to use your complete model number whenever you look up an appliance part. Especially for a part that cost this much and has a higher than average shipping cost because it ships in an oversized box.

As soon as you receive this dryer heater from your shipping carrier, examine the box thoroughly for damage. This is the kind of appliance part that is not packed very well by the manufacturer.

Additional part numbers are, WE11M23, 844418, AH265565, EA265565, PS265565, WE11M0021, WE11M0023, WE11M21, AP2619954