AP2014008, PS243425 Oven Ignitor | WB2X9154

Photo of a gas range igniter

This round style carborundum oven igniter kit includes two high temp wire nuts. It is found on Whirlpool, Frigidaire, GE, Maytag, Magic Chef, Kenmore, and other brand gas ranges and wall ovens.

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Believe it or not if an oven igniter is glowing red and your oven will not light, the igniter may still be defective. That's because an igniter needs to draw a certain amount of current through the oven safety valve to allow the bimetal within the flex and let the gas flow.

This ignitor draws 2.5 to 3.0 amps. If an igniter is drawing just slightly less current it will still glow red but not draw enough current to allow the oven safety valve to permit gas to enter into the burner assembly.

It is extremely important that you do not substitute oven igniters. You must look up your oven igniter by model number and use only the oven igniter recommended by the oven manufacture. Not using the recommended igniter from the manufacturer could be extremely dangerous.

Part Number 300259, 319887, 327617, 330689, 337263, 4336387, 4338008, AH243425, EA243425, PS243425, WB00X6640, WB02X9154, WB13K0001, WB13K0003, WB13K0004, WB13K01, WB13K04, WB13K1, WB13K10027, WB13K3, WB13K4, AP2014008,