W10256908 Oven Rack | AP4411894, PS2358516

Oven rack W10256908 is used on ranges manufactured by Whirlpool including some Kenmore, Whirlpool, Roper and some other brand free standing ranges and wall ovens. This oven rack measures about 16 inches front to back, and 24 inches left to right.

At first glance to the untrained eye oven racks are all the same. This is completely untrue. Oven racks all do the same job but the biggest difference between them is how they mount into the oven. These differences are very subtle and difficult to see. They include the pitch of the ends, the width and depth plus the built in stops that prevent the rack from sliding out when you don’t want it to.

It is important whatever you order a replacement rack for your oven that you use the complete model number. In the event that the gas or electric oven model number is missing, it is best to take your oven rack to your local appliance part store and see if someone there can match it up with one on the shelf. This is not the ideal situation, however it's the best alternative if the range or oven model number is unavailable.

3195710, W10138079, W10179196, AH2358516, EA2358516, PS2358516, AP4411894