W10239405 Dishwasher Pump | PS2363115, AP4434617

Dishwasher pump part number PS2363115, AP4434617, is a complete motor and pump assembly. It is found on older Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Kenmore, Estate, Roper and some Maytag dishwashers.

Motor and pump assembly W10239405, pumps the water for the dishwasher wash action and also is used to drain the water out of the dishwasher between cycles and at the end of the wash cycle. It is located in the base of the dishwasher.

Before beginning any dishwasher repair make sure that you disconnect the dishwasher from the electrical supply. In this case, you have to disconnect the dishwasher from the water supply and the drain line because the dishwasher will need to be removed from under the counter so that this motor and pump assembly can be installed

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