W10130913 Washer Drain Pump | AP4308966, PS1960402

This motor and pump assembly AP4308966, PS1960402, is used on washing machines made by Whirlpool. It can be found on Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag and some other brand front loading washers.

If you have an F 21 code in your display, it is an indication of a drain pump failure or debris in the drain pump.

Before you order and replace drain pump W10130913, always open the end of it by unscrewing the cap and check for debris or something blocking the impeller. Make sure you bail out the water before you remove the pump cap or you will be dealing with a flood.

W10130913, 8540996, 8540024, 8540025, W10117829, 1373005, 8540027, 8540028, AH1960402, EA1960402, W10183434, W10190647, W10190648, W10201457, AP4308966, PS1960402