AEQ36756901 LG Ice Maker | AP4442284, PS3532293

This ice maker AP4442284, PS3532293, is the most common icemaker found on LG side-by-side refrigerators.

To remove the icemaker start by disconnecting the refrigerator from the electrical circuit and open the freezer door. Grab the ice container under the ice maker and pull it about halfway out. Then you will need to lift it slightly to clear the tab that holds it in place. Now you can slide it all the way out.

You're also going to need to remove the shelf that's up above the ice maker so you could lift it up out of the way.

There are three ¼ inch screws that hold the icemaker to the freezer wall one underneath the ice maker and two at the top. Using a nut driver you will need to remove the one at the bottom and loosen the two the top. Now all you have to do is lift the icemaker up, rotate it to the right and disconnect the harness at the back of the freezer.

AEQ36756901, 5989JB0001A, AH3532293, EA3532293, PS3532293, AP4442284