2188656 Crisper Pan | AP3596370, PS890591

Refrigerator Lower Crisper Drawer

Refrigerator crisper pan part number AP3596370, PS890591 is made of food grade plastic that is clear allowing you to see what is in the pan. The manufacture of the refrigerator calls it a pan, but most people call it a drawer because it slides out from the bottom of the fresh food section of the refrigerator.

This crisper pan comes with a humidity control lever that allows the user to decrease or increase the amount of humidity in the drawer or pan. This help you to make decisions on how to keep your vegetables or fruit. Less humidity and the vegetables will be crisper for example.

This pan is found on refrigerators manufactured by Whirlpool that include brands like Maytag, Roper, some Kenmore and others.

Part Number 2174109, 2194904, 1021812, 2173384, 2173386, 2173694, 2174416, 2175075, 2179281, 2179347, 2188652, 2189529, 2189629, 2194072, 2194078, 2194081, 2194087, 2194914, 2194978, 2194979, 2196160, 2196230, 2196232, 2197834, AH890591, EA890591, PS890591, AP3596370