350733 Washer Lid Switch Actuator Kit | AP3098547, PS347797

Top loading washer lid switch actuator kit 350733, is found on Kenmore, some Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Roper and some other brand washers made by Whirlpool.

This lid switch actuator kit AP3098547, PS347797, is sometimes called a lid switch strike because it is used to actuate the lid switch lever permitting the washer to operate when the lid is closed.

This is a safety device and should never be removed from the washing machine. If this actuator should fail it should be replaced. The purpose of it is to start the wash cycle when the lid is closed but more importantly to prevent the lid from being opened in the event someone attempts to lift the lid during the spin cycle. A top load washing machine spin cycle is very fast and if someone like a child were to put their arm in a spinning washer they could be seriously injured.

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