AP3837611, PS972231 | 8182634 Washer Door Switch

Photo of a washer door switch

Door Switch Assembly, AP3837611, PS972231, is found on some Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana and other brand front loading washers

How does a wax motor work?
Unlike some top loading washers in the past that were equipped with a braking mechanism, front loading washers of today do not have mechanical brakes. Therefore washer manufactures must prevent the door from being opened during the wash and rinse cycles. This is especially important during spin cycles when the washing machine wash tub is at its maximum spinning speed.

Most front load washer door latch lock switches include a wax motor to prevent the door from being opened even in the event of an electrical failure. In other words, once the door is locked you could unplug the washing machine from the electrical receptacle and still not be able to open the door. A substance very similar to wax inside the wax motor expands when heated and pushes a plunger forward. Once heated even if electricity is turned off to the internal heater in the wax motor the plunger will not return to the neutral position until the wax has had sufficient time to cool down.

8182634, 34001265, 8181700, 1094190, AH972231, DC64-00519B, EA972231, PS972231