5301EL1001J Dryer Heater Assembly | AP4439759, PS3527791

This LG dryer heater assembly AP4439759, PS3527791, is located in the base of the dryer normally on the right-hand side. To access this dryer heating element, you will need to remove the front of the dryer.

Dryer heating element 5301EL1001J, is a complete assembly. It comes in a metal container with the heating element already installed and the heater connectors mounted to the outside of the metal can through ceramic high temperature insulators.

To check this heating element, use an ohmmeter and check for resistance. Make sure that the dryer is completely unplugged from the electricity and that the heavy duty wires connected to the element are removed. Normally you would expect to see a very low resistance certainly below 20 ohms

5301EL1001J, 5301EL1001H, 5301DD1001L, 5301EL1001A, 5301EL1001E, 5301EL1001U, 1377645, 5301EL1001G, AH3527791, EA3527791, PS3527791, AP4439759