5231EL1003B Dryer Lint Screen | AP4440606, PS2441960

This dryer lint screen filter AP4440606, PS2441960, is found on LG and some Kenmore gas and electric dryers. It is conveniently located in the front of the dryer. And that helps the user remember that a dryer lint screen needs to be cleaned after every load. Cleaning a dryer lint screen is more important than most people think. Not only will it decrease the cost of doing laundry it will prolong the life of the dryer. How is that possible?

One of the biggest factors that causes dryers to deteriorate is excessive heat. When a lint screen has a buildup of lint on it it slows down the ability of the dryer to push the air through the clothes and out the vent. This increases the amount of time it takes to dry clothes because they are tumbling around in hot humid air. In addition to that, the dryer runs at a higher temperature. That excessive heat causes the components such as the wheels let the dryer drum rotates on to fail sooner.

Dryer lint screen 5231EL1003B, is used on some Kenmore and LG dryer sheets and laundry centers.

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