4681EL1008A Drive Motor LG | AP4438218, PS3523290

This LG dryer motor AP4438218, PS3523290, is mounted to the base of the dryer on the right-hand side standing from the front. The motor is primarily designed to rotate the drum and turn the blower assembly.

On one end of this LG dryer motor 4681EL1008A, is a pulley where the drum belt attaches. The drum belt is held tight by the belt idler. It loops over the drum and rides in the grooved pulley on the motor shaft.

On the other end of this motor you will find threads where the blower is screwed on. The blower is used to create the airflow that passes through the drum and filter. The air then passes through the exhaust vent on the dryer.

Other part numbers are; 4681EL1008A, 4681EL1002A, 4681EL1002B, 4681EL1008B, AH3523290, EA3523290, PS3523290, AP4438218