4681EA2001T Washer Drain Pump Motor | AP5328388, PS3579318

This washer drain pump motor part number AP5328388, PS3579318, is found on LG washers full-size and compact. It is located in the base of the washer on the right-hand side in the front.

Pump motor 4681EA2001T, is attached to the washing machine drain pump that is used to pump the water out of the machine at the end of the wash and rinse cycle, and at the end of the wash cycle.

Before you condemn this motor and buy a new one, you should verify that there is nothing in the pump causing it to bind up. Sometimes an object such as a bobby pin or small piece of plastic will get into the drain pump impeller and cause it to stick. This could easily lead you to believe that the motor is actually defective because the pump is not turning. It's always a good idea to conferment and back up your diagnosis before ordering any appliance parts.

4681EA2001T, 4681EA2001D, 2003273, 4681EA2001N, 4681EA2001U, AH3579318, EA3579318, PS3579318