134049500 Washer Timer | AP2108079, PS645407

This washing machine timer AP2108079, PS645407, is located in the control panel and is found on older top loading washing machines.

Like electronic controls used mostly on today's washing machines, the timer controls all functions. As the name implies timer, this mechanism acts as a clock turning with gears and wheels internally. These gears have little cogs on them that open and close switch contacts to control the operation of the washing machine. And just like any other high current flow switch, the switch contacts within the timer can become damaged and no longer conduct electricity.

Whenever possible you should back up your diagnosis before you declare a washer timer defective. And that’s because in most cases when a timer is installed on the washer it cannot be returned to the store. In other words, don't guess that it is probably the timer. For tips on how to repair a washing machine, click on our repair help section.

This timer is found on some Kenmore, Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator, Tappan, White Westinghouse top loading washers

Additional part numbers for this top load washer time or are, 134049500, 131974000, 936780, AH645407, EA645407, PS645407, AP2108079