131279001 Washer Door Latch | AP2577973, PS417389

Front Loading Washer Door Latch | AP2577973, PS417389, 131279001

Washer door catch AP2577973, PS417389, is found on some Kenmore, Frigidaire, some GE and other brand front loading washers.

This washing machine door catch manufacturer part number 131279001, is designed to hold the door closed when the washing machine is operating. This prevents water from spilling on the floor during the wash cycle by not allowing the door to be opened. However more importantly, this front loading washer door latch, in conjunction with the washer door switch, prevents the washing machine door from being opened during the spin cycle.

This is a safety device and should never be eliminated from the circuit. Doing so could result in serious injury or death.

131279001, 131279000, 780701, AH417389, EA417389, AP2577973, PS417389